Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fire in the Mouth!

Denver was a rough patch as far as my body was concerned. Leaving our northern rain forest and touching down in Denver my body immediately puckered. Has this ever happened to you? My lips dried out, my throat screamed for water, and the rest of my body began to scale up like a lizard. Or at least this is how my mind perceived this transformation. I happened to have a handful of mints that I sucked on none stop just to keep my throat from totally giving up the ghost, while a free sample of chapstick from ink it up designs kept my lips from looking like a desert wanderer.

I knew that I would be talking non-stop so I went through at least 5 water bottles each day and numerous other drinks just to keep myself going, but what I really wanted was "Jolly Rancher Cinnamon Fire" candies. I am not sure what it is about these little devils but they make my throat feel like a million bucks. D'Ann (my Mom and one of the partners in this little venture) and I looked at a couple of different stores in Denver and couldn't find them anywhere so I survived on water and mints.

I knew that Sacramento would be different since I was born and raised in the Bay Area and knew that there is a bit more humidity than in Denver, but I was bound and determined to be prepared. So with my trusty chapstick, bottles of water, and those little fire balls called "Cinnamon Fire" I fought the good fight and my vocal chords survived another gauntlet of discussion and friend finding.

Thank You Jolly Rancher's for making " Cinnamon Fire" and thank you Hammer and Wikan ( our local small grocery store here in Petersburg) for stocking them. Who would have thought that we would find it here in town and not in the behemoth "low price leader" box stores down south.

So, when you need a pick me up just give me a call and I will send you a bag of "the Little Devils" cause you might not find them when you need them.

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