Monday, February 7, 2011

10 things I learned while in Sacramento

#10 Q-tips can be used at any time they are found: I watched a gentleman ride by a couple of Q-tips on his bicycle stop and pick them up out of the gutter and then (this is how I knew what he had just picked up) proceeded to stick them in his ear and ride away. Yes folks they were still sticking out of his ears as he drove away.

#9 Somethings are better left as a memory. Do you ever think to yourself that you can't wait to eat something/do something and then your bite into your huge burrito and it's just not as good as you remembered it being? Well, 360 burrito I'm sorry but you let me down.

#8 on the Flip Side somethings really are just as good as we remember them! Hello Fenton's Creamery (, and Kinder's Meat ( My mouth still water's at the thought of the Prime rib Sandwich with jalapeno/onion butter topping. The best sandwich ever! They also have an amazing marinated Trip tip, you can grill that thing to perfection at home. What better to finish off an amazing lunch like that than a "Black and Tan" from Fenton's. I grew up on this little ice cream shop, and it is still incredible with their home made ice cream, caramel, and hot fudge. Doesn't it look fantastic? (Fenton's was also featured in the movie "UP" by Pixar. It is officially a Bay Area symbol of Gluttony and I'm all for it)
Almond Ice Cream-fudge/caramel-whipped cream and a cherry on top.

#7 I still hate traffic and stop lights. Our one flashing yield light turned red this week and I couldn't believe it. Just my luck :0

#6 The State of CA has quite the gig going. Our booth at the show was right next to CA's Fish and Game. They were selling their licenses right from the booth and it was packed all day long, for four days straight. I couldn't believe it.

#5 I have never been a small guy, but I am bigger than I used to be. Who isn't? But I now know that I wasn't meant to squeeze into tight tubes chasing after my nephew. I didn't get stuck but I sure couldn't move as fast as he could!

#4 First Class is amazing! I love it. Upgraded on the way home and all though the gentleman next to me was probably tired of sitting next to a rookie. I will find a way to upgrade again! Ya buddy!

#3 It is important role I play in protecting our fishery. As I talked to CA fishermen I was reminded of how sad their Salmon fishery was. It only made think of ways in which I can protect our salmon runs while still enjoying the benefits of living in Alaska.

#2 When the plane touches down in Petersburg I feel the sense of excitement that runs through the veins of each of my clients. I think of all the fun that I have here and can't wait to see my family again! I love returning home. I live in Alaska, I still have a hard time believing it.

#1 People are excited about what we offer. As I talk to folks at the show, they are genuinely excited about what we have put together. The opportunity for folks to experience the beauty of Alaska from Whale watching- Glacier tours-photography classes, they want it all. I love providing for their smiles. As my Dad says "We provide everything but the smiles." We can wait to see yours!
two pictures to bring a smile. Petersburg Alaska

Sandy Beach, Petersburg, Alaska

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