Friday, December 17, 2010

The Reform is coming....

As you begin a new company it is important to put your own twist on it. This weekend was filled with trying to get our brand just right. We think its fun yet simple and just our style. What do you think?

With The logo and business card out of the way now the real treat comes when the website will be totally revamped. Same great place just more information, and a whole new look. We can't wait to unveil it, but that will be a bit, so pay close attention. For now here is a taste of where we are headed.

We stewed and stewed over a few other simple differences to the logo but simple can be majestic! Thanks to Lorena O'Neal for guiding our hands and helping to make this a simple process. If you need the services of an amazing freelance designer she will work wonders.

Check her out at

Welcome to the New Petersburg Sportfishing Charters!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the logo!!!! Lookd fabulous!

  2. I'm with Carrie. I LOVE the new design. Has a good Alaskan feel to it as well.