Thursday, December 2, 2010

The many hats of a small business owner....

Ah the many hats we all wear, isn't it interesting that it can be hard to switch those caps as fast as we would like to? Wouldn't it be nice to have enough business that you could afford to hire good solid employees that will do the work in a way that you are proud of?

The American Dream right? Well, that will be my goal for five years out. Right now though between, myself, my Wife, my Father and, my Mother we wear all of the caps. I am lucky to have them! My Wife is an incredible photographer and designer, D'Ann(my Mom) is the financial heart of the operation, And my Dad is the true heart, soul, and knowledge of the business. Me, well I am the lackey! The one that blogs, does the marketing, tiles bathrooms, installs wood floors in the bedrooms, upgades the water heater so we never run out, and familiarizes himself with the best fishing spots in Petersburg.(I will be gone for a week crabbin', shrimpin', and deer hunting in two weeks...what a place!)

You are right I wear some of the best CAPS. I love my Job, and those I work with. (Who can literally say they love those they work with?) When you come fishing with us, you might see me change my hat a few times during the day too. I will change it from Chef, to Chauffeur, to Guide, to Fish prep, back to Chef, and then by the end of the week to your new best friend!

Come fishing with me, I know that you will change your cap too, from Fisherman to Family. Welcome to Alaska!

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