Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fame Hits Hayes Family: An Alaskan Adventure

Previous to the June issue of Fish Alaska Magazine, Contributing Editor Andrew Cremata sought a guide and local in Petersburg, Alaska. His internet and networking skills brought a familiar name to those who have joined Petersburg Sport Fishing during the past two seasons: Donn Hayes the Second.

We'd call a meeting of these two good fortune or luck. But the real luck came in Donn getting the chance to spend the day fishing on the lake and making a friend. Donn and Andrew meandered in, around, and on Sand, Hill, and Crane lakes.

"Most of the trout we caught over the following couple of hours were the same size (16 inches) or smaller, but no matter as there is a lot to be said for fishing with a partner on a secluded lake in the middle of nowhere. In between moments of quiet and the occasional calls from birds hidden along the shoreline was quality, unhurried conversation." said Andrew, from his Wandering Petersburg article.

Meggan, Donn's wife made an appearance too! It seems it was Asian food night at their house when Andrew joined them. What a way to end the day, good eats, good company, and good sights!

You can see the whole article of Andrew's stay in Petersburg in the June issue of Fish Alaska Magazine. Donn even got his picture in there too!

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