Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Summer

Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing with you a few of the stories from this past Summer.

Story #1 FAMILY

It might be a sad statement but I don't know my relatives very well. A smattering of uncles, but that is about it. (even though I think my uncles are pretty cool and I never felt like I was lacking) But this Summer I was introduced to a few members of my Dad's side from Oregon. The Chases became family so fast and we wish they lived a whole lot closer.

My kids had a blast and thought it was fantastic getting to eat some of Jennifer's now famous sticky buns! We crabbed, fished, and ran up the creek to fly fish.

The weather was so fantastic that there was a flurry of activity to be the first ones to jump off the boat into the brrrrr cold water. Ya it was that warm!

Here are a few pictures of our week together. Thanks Doug, Jen, Tyler and Ross! See you soon...

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