Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fishing up a storm

Where do sayings like "fishing up a storm" come from? I understand sport analogy comments (these are sayings for those of us who can't think of anything else to say) because they come from things I typically know a bit about. But when did we start using them as everyday statements? "Go get 'em tiger." we know that this doesn't refer to Tiger Woods because he hasn't been around as long as the saying has, but does it apply to him? In some ways, unfortunately it does.
He got em alright and then got a divorce.
Sayings like "riding the pine," "howling at the moon," "step up to the plate" (I am sure we can find a ton more and I would love to see them in my comment box) are used daily and we all typically put a meaning to them that probably wasn't the original.

So today and for the rest of your life when you hear the words "fishing up a storm" I want you to think about me, Donn Hayes a co-owner in a small business called Petersburg Sport Fishing trying to make a go of a dream come true! I am here in Alaska waiting for the storm to roll in, and me to roll right with it.

Welcome to my world, the world of a true M.A.D. man.

What ever your storm is I hope you find it. I'm still pulling mine in.


  1. Raining Cats and Dogs...I would like to think that phrase was coined here in Alaska. It's fun being part of the dream!

  2. Thats a great one...I know what you mean when it is said but what the heck does it really mean. Grandpa always said "That has a morish taste to it"

  3. Colder than a witched tit in a tin bra
    Colder than a well diggers butt in the klondike-- These were contributed by Jake. (I laughed so hard when he told me these. I totally thought he was making stuff up)
    Taking one for the team
    Oh, he has another one-- Hornier than two peckered billy goat. (Red neck'ed sayings-- my husband and his hilly billy family)

  4. Thanks to Jake's aunt we have another one "sawing logs". heheeee this is fun ;)

  5. Jake is half asleep and says (pretty loudly) smart as a wip... (big yawn) High as a kite... Dumb as a doorknob... crazy as a lune... (and then falls back to sleep). You've created a monster ;)

  6. Laughing!! I'm known for getting my phrases wrong (Drew has plenty of stories...You'll have to ask him how he likes his donkey) so I'll just laugh at the phrases everyone's wrote! :)

  7. @Mom-M no worries, it must be a mother thing because Mom-Hayes gets them wrong as well.

    Carrie and Jake- Thank you for all of those. I just about spit my Milk Duds all over one of the students in my math class because I was laughing so hard.